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Shanghai Yinuo Machinery Co., Ltd.
Add: Jinshan Industrial Zone, Shanghai, China
Post Code: 201501
Tel: 0086 136 81876238

Shanghai Yinuo Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of laser cutting and laser engraving in China. We provide a variety of custom laser cutting service and laser engraving service according to customer requirements, then shipping products to around the world. We had 10 years of production experience, and our experienced team to manage manufacturing projects and ensure product quality from demand to delivery (inquiry, design, materials, production, package, shipping).
You can select the appropriate material for your applications, such as metal, wood, bamboo, acrylic, plastic, rubber, paper, leather and more. We gladly accept a variety of drawings types including DXF, DWG, CDR, AI, PDF, and SVG, then send a competitive quotations to you. If you are looking for a laser cutting service and laser engraving service, please contact us for more details.

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